Grants for individuals

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for individuals
The 2020 programme is now open


Westminster Amalgamated Charity is an independent, registered charity.  It is not part of or related to Westminster City Council.

Westminster Amalgamated Charity can help you if you currently live, work or study in the London Borough of Westminster or if you have previously lived or worked in this borough for a total of five years or more.

Grants are awarded to individuals who are on a low income or in receipt of benefits, on a low income/benefits and have a disability, or are homeless (but residing in a hostel).

Grants can be made towards:

  • Purchasing clothing
  • Purchasing essential household items (furniture, white goods, kitchen equipment) - these items are provided through our chosen supplier and delivered direct to the beneficiary.
  • Holidays for individuals aged 60 and over (taken in the UK only)
  • Decorating/carpeting/flooring (two separate quotes will be required for a request for flooring)

Grants range typically between £100 and £400 and all grants are made at Trustees' discretion.


We do not award grants for:

  • TVs 
  • CD/DVD players
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers/software
  • Educational needs
  • Holidays abroad
  • Debt repayment, rent arrears or fees

How to apply

The 2020 individual grants programme is now open.

Application forms for both individual and referring agent are available to download via the links below.







Privacy policy

Your application will need to be supported by a sponsor. This sponsor must be a recognised agency such as Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau, Housing Association, Hostel or any registered charity working in Westminster.

If you need assistance with finding a sponsor, please click here for information on organisations that may be able to help you.

Individuals are expected to have sought all the State help they may be entitled to before applying. The Charity cannot give money for a need which could be covered by local or national State funds.

As a charity we are not in a position to replace statutory funding and as such we expect all individual applicants, where appropriate, to have made an application to Westminster City Council’s Local Support Payments Scheme BEFORE making an application for a grant. 

The Charity does NOT give emergency cash grants or crisis loans.

The Charity does not award grants retrospectively.

Applications must be accompanied by a supporting statement from the sponsor. Applications without a supporting statement will not be considered. Please provide us with a comprehensive statement in support of the applicant's need, including: background; any family circumstances, any medical, domestic or behavioural issues; your agency's involvement; why assistance is sought and why the individual cannot afford the items requested.

Applicants must also provide copies of bank statements, any savings account statements, benefit statements and pay slips (if relevant).

The completed form together with the supporting statement should then be returned to us by post or email (postal and email addresses are shown on the application form).

Grant process

Grants for individuals are assessed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Typically, a grant will take four to six weeks to process but will take longer if the information supplied is incomplete. If your application is successful, payments will be made to the sponsor or a designated retailer. Payments will not be made directly to the individual.

It is requirement of the Charity that store receipts, or copies thereof, are forwarded to us as proof of purchase.

Please note: the responsibility for the grant lies with the sponsor and the grant must be used for the purpose stated on the application form. Any misuse of funds will result in a claim for reimbursement being made by the Charity.


If you have any doubts about your eligibility or questions regarding your application please contact the Grants Administrator.